Portlandia pretty much sums up the future of contemporary art

Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen’s outstanding sendup of millenial hipster culture, really hits the mark. I laugh (and often cringe) because what I see is sadly what I know: groaning at the queue for a new place for brunch, trying weird gourmet popcorn at an indie cinema or meeting far too many people who ‘spin decks’ in their spare time. The success of Portlandia is in how it pushes these situations to extremes.

The opening to Season 3 Episode 9 takes the cake and explodes it with anarchic glee: a nightmare world in which everything is part of ‘the art project’.

Carrie is at a gallery and asks a woman whether she’s the artist.


 Nope, she is the art.


Cut to Fred in his car, who’s getting mixed signals from a police officer…


…who’s actually exploring “the juxtaposition of motion stillness in a shared public space”.  But of course.


It then gets a lot weirder.  Carrie is ‘robbed’.


Fred accidentally stands on – thereby ruining – Clinton Street Art Collective’s 10-day old Slabs!.


And Carrie hears disturbing news that her mother and father collaborated on a very special art project that has just been sold to two Japanese men “for a good price”.


It spirals even further, but I’ll leave it to you to find out how.  Portlandia is currently on Netflix UK.



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